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Training for railway operations is vital to safety, productivity and ultimately the bottom line.


In North America it is also a railway legislative requirement.


RTC provides site specific training. 


Designing an effective training program is important to ensure familiarity with the operation and that your employees have a true understanding of their duties and obligations under the Railway Acts, Rules, Regulations and Standards.


Instructors for in class (theory) and practical training all have specific requirements that must be met under regulatory requirements.   


Be sure that your in-house or outsourced training team is qualified to provide the training you need.


At RTC our Instructors come to you with a minimum of 25 years in their fields.




      Car Movers

      Locomotive Engineers

      Track Inspectors

      Maintenance of Way Equipment (Auto liners)


Meeting and exceeding regulatory requirements with a well prepared economic training plan, is what RTC is all about.

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