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Rail Management


Turnkey service for complete rail management.

     Complete Track Projects Engineering and Construction - One Stop



     SMS Design, Execution and Maintenance

     Regulatory Representation (Provincial, State and Federal)

     RFP Scope of work Design, Execution and Maintenance

     Maintenance and Capital Project Management



Track Inspections


Track Inspections ensure that you are safe for operation and meet regulatory requirements. 


Track Inspectors must meet specific regulatory qulifications to inspect track as required by legislation.  


Track Inspections are a vital contributor to determining your maintenance budget.  Maintaining independent Track Inspections from those that also perform track work is important to the future of your plant and financial bottom lines. 


At RTC we have been training track inspectors since 1998, maintaining our “no conflict of interest” policy and obligation.



Training is important to the safety of employees, the public and the plant.


Maintaining regulatory requirements for training and being trained by qualified instructors is mandatory by legislation. 


RTC has been training personnel in railway since 1998.  Our instructors exceed the requirements of legislation.


Be compliant, safe, productive and mitigate risk though proper training and qulified instructors.

Railway Act Agent


Today operating a railway has many complications.


The legislative requirements can be over whelming.  


In today’s environment knowing what you are responsible for and ensuring that you are compliant is quickly becoming more complicated.


Protect you employees, your company and your officers.


As your Agent RTC takes on the tasks on your obligations.


Talk to us about our programs specifically designed for Industrial Operators throughout North America.

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